On my first job I used to spend hours proofing print documents and selecting the right Pantone code before closing the file and sending it to the print house. Many things have changed since then as I'm currently designing visual systems for a web application called Unity Influence.

Although now we are able to make mistakes and iterate the product until all the stakeholders are satisfied with the experience, and the fact that the design challenges now are much more complex and sophisticated than the past decade, as we live in a complex world, something always stayed the same: good design is usually transparent.

Apple, Material Design and Bauhaus Modernism always influenced my aesthetics which is very utilitarian. Not much room for saturated colors, personality or boldness, as my projects usually are user-centered and focused on performance, not emotion.

When it comes to that (emotion) I love following my instincts and exploring unexpected solutions that are provocative and original, but that can be seen as my work as an artist. Actually, these are some not-design-related stuff I love: BFGF, CercleFabricJackie D,  Kicksology, Maltchique,  Officine Universelle, PiauíSlanted and TYIG.

Let me know how I can help you! I love e-mails from humans!