Union.io Web Application

Influencer marketing is the new way of advertising products. However, most of companies that work with influencers are expensive and slow.

Union automates the whole process of hiring an influencer and managing him/her during their creative process. The system offers everything both parties need in terms of contracts, requirements, content samples, payment, content revision and delivery. In other words its a marketplace for brands to hire influencers.

Union is the only tool in the market that is completely automated. My role was to support product designers and create flows based on our user needs, iterating daily, while showing hi-fidelity mockups to the team.



Onboarding Funnel

A.K.A the sign-up process. Our goal was to convert as many users as we could. And have people not only signing-up but also inputting their credit card into our system and paying for a campaign. Our iterative process was based in these five steps:

1. Map Competitors: Map best user onboarding practices in order to design a fast sign-up process with a high user conversion rate.

2. Sketch: Brainstorm ideas and design a user flow considering different entry points (Google, Facebook, Instagram and actual website) and facilitate the conversation between them.

3. Test: Prototype and gather feedback/takeaways with users, stakeholders and friends.

4. Iterate: Point flaws based on user testing and improve them. Try new paths based on feedback and find feasible solutions.

5. Track Data: After the website was online, track data to see where users are likely to stop, and make it easier for them to proceed (then go back to step 2).

Check below the second iteration of the Onboarding Funnel (2min video).





Empty States Illustrations