Survivor Resources: Website/Branding

There is already a lot of emotional charge when someone close dies. Navigating through the bureaucracy, legal protocols and financial matters can be extremely time and energy consuming. Survivor Resources helps people in those moments by providing practical guides with links, checklists and shortcuts.

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Design Deliverables:

1. Product consultancy & Iteration
Helped client to understand technical limits and opportunities on the web in order to create a product that is simple to find on the web, buy it and use it.

2. Company image, tone and branding;
Identified personas who helped understand the mood of losing someone and guided the creation process. Defined guidelines on how to communicate with these customers on the right tone and developed a brand and a visual style.

3. Website Information Architecture;
Curated information with client and divided into pages, blocks and sections, making it findable.

4. Customized website on Squarespace;
Implementation from scratch using relevant template and current standards and integrated it with social and online services that later on helped the product on SEO and data-tracking services. Also developed visuals including iconography and all the digital assets used for social media.

5. Editorial and interactive design for the guides (PDFs).
Visual design for the actual guides, developed both for digital and print use.