Custom interface for conference room displays ( is specialized in designing conference room displays. Wikimedia Foundation has been using it for years but the previous design wasn't aligned with the company branding and had some usability problems.

After talking to people and discovering the main problems I started sketching and verifying the possibilities on it. The final design improved mainly 3 issues:

Blue means busy. White means available. People can see from far if the rooms are occupied or not.

Information Design: Focusing on what information is important and making it bold helped people understand better the application.

Countdown "(14m 45s left)": It helps people know how long the meeting is gonna take.


Analyzing the current application's features and restrictions was very important to start thinking about the new design and sketching on the paper. Iterating the ideas and asking for feedback made me experiment solutions previously never thought.

Landscape mode was introduced too, so the design should work in both orientations (portrait/landscape).